While music belongs to time, painting belongs to space. My art is about space and divisions of space. Cezanne's famous observation that all of nature could be distilled into three basic shapes has driven my work. Artistically, I value thought over feelings and ideas over aesthetics.

My work involves breaking down complex organic form into mathematical models developed by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. This is called analysis of form. 

In the process of studying and understanding these concepts, I free my mind of conventional art and set the creative stage to pursue concepts rich in proportion and pure in form. The exploration of subtle visual relationships often reveal unexpected imagery. Contemporary art expressed at this level is directly related to the mathematical analysis of all natural form including our very DNA.

My digital art collages follow my established compositional style and use the vast tools of computer art programs as well as the virtually unlimited public domain and royalty free imagery available on the internet.      

Although mathematics plays a role in my work, it is subordinate to artistic intuition and in final composition, whether I choose a monochromatic minimalistic approach or a complex multimedia construction, I have and always will stay close to Cezanne's famous observation.